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Our no-dig market garden produces a wide range of vegetables all year round.

During the spring and summer months we run a C.S.A program that services the islands local residents.


We also keep our honesty stall topped up weekly and provide award winning chefs with our nutrient dense veggies.


We supply our delicious pastured duck eggs to Becky’s Cakes, St Mary’s Hall Hotel and Star Castle Hotel.


You can also buy them and our pretty chicken eggs, up at our honesty stall at the end of the lane.


We supply our duck to a number of local restaurants around the islands, and sell it at the weekly Taste of Scilly Market.

You can also buy it in our online store.


We sell our grass fed, mob grazed dexter beef in mixed-cut boxes, a couple of times throughout the season.


Keep an eye on our Instagram for our next availability, or email us.


Salakee is home to thousands of our honey bees that are busy collecting nectar from our blossoming fruit and nut trees and the myriad of wild flowers that grow on Scilly.


We harvest a modest amount of their honey and leave plenty for their stores to see them through the winter without having to top them up with processed sugar and water.


Salakee Farm’s turkeys are a traditional bronze breed.


They enjoy fresh air, sunshine and are moved to fresh pasture weekly to graze all the grass they need and to forage as nature intended.   By rearing them this way, our  turkeys are nutrient dense and known for their succulent, flavoursome meat.

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